Homemade stump grinder that attaches to a tractors three point hitch.

tow behind have those as hydraulic lever control, very easy to do a. Grasp the shaft with the wrench again.



First test of the DIY stump grinder. . .

If using it on 2 or three, driving the tractor to make those moves is just OK.

. . QA for sure and probably others have an add-on that gives 2 remotes for swing and height downstream of a single rear remote.

15K views 6 years ago. An Interesting Way to get rid of a Huge Tree Stump - Cut, Dig and Burn.

Hydraulics will slide the wheel back maybe a foot and half or you can back the tractor over the stumps.

The impressive 45 degree swing arc allows the stump grinder to cover greater surface areas of larger trees.

Homemade stump grinder that attaches to a tractors three point hitch. So he decided to build.

Mar 28, 2021 · Tractor. Add the second circular saw blade, compression washer and nut to finish the assembly.

15K views 6 years ago.

Stump Grinder.

Tie rod cylinder from TSC for the swing function.

. . So he decided to build his own 3-pt.

. New commercial models sell for $5,000 or more," says Ferrante. , needed a new stump grinder, he couldn't find what he wanted on the market. Mar 28, 2021 · Tractor. high oak tree stump to an 8-in. Mahindra 3510 / Bad Boy 28hp cat diesel.


I was looking for a stump grinder for my sub-compact tractor. Leave two straigth,bend two one way and two the other way.


The HAMMER-S forestry cutter grinder is especially designed for the preparation of soil, grinding stumps and roots of up to 60 cm.

mounted, pto-driven model.