Yet, it still marks an important part of.

Ascension Day doesn’t seem to top the charts in church celebrations.

Then take time each day to draw strength from His Word, the Bible, and to pray, and to have fellowship with other believers. tells that it was God in Jesus Christ who created the world and recreates any who believes in his Son, Jesus Christ.



During this celebration, we celebrate the moment when Jesus ascended into Heaven. . May 17, 2023 · May Your Humanity give me courage in my weakness and free me from my sins.

In fact, most denominations won’t celebrate it.

The New Year is about. That’s the signal that the end of history is coming, when the promise will be fulfilled and all of God’s people will be raised. Jesus was bitterly criticised because he demonstrated great openness of heart, particularly towards " publicans and sinners".

Tonight we stand on the edge of a New Year. .

until you come again.


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First, we rest in the reality of our identity in Christ. He.

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In Mark, Jesus' visit to his home town is found not at the beginning of his ministry, but after a long period of preaching the Gospel and healing, even after the discourse in parables (Mk 4,1-34) and the resurrection of Jairus' daughter (Mk 5,21-43).

Help me to love You in return.


Jubilee was a preview of a person who was to come in the future. . .

In fact, most denominations won’t celebrate it. For those of us who live over three thousand years after the Year of Jubilee was begun, Jesus Christ is our Jubilee, and here is why: 1. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states, “Jesus’ final apparition ends with the irreversible entry of his humanity into divine. . .

He brought a new mission for us.

Center Your Sermon on the Gospel. .

The resurrection expresses God’s satisfaction with what Jesus has done.

The resurrection expresses God’s satisfaction with what Jesus has done.

but in the church calendar, Ascension Day is the remembrance of Jesus’ ascension into heaven.

It marks the end of Jesus’ ministry on earth and the beginning of ours.