Aa’eedah is a lilting baby girl’s name, meaning ‘returning or reward.

Mar 15, 2023 · Jamila (جميلة): Meaning “beautiful” in Arabic.

. Alamara is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means “beautifier of the world”, a girl whose presence makes the world more beautiful.


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’. Apr 10, 2023 · Mehnaz means “beautiful like the moon, exquisitely beautiful, charming, charming. A Girl from an island.

Wise Confident.

Some Islamic girl names are very famous in Arabic origin such as Ayesha, Khadeeja, Aroosh, Zainab, Omaymaa and Ruhma. Examples of some common Islamic non-Quranic names are Uthman, Hamza, Fatima, Zainab and Khadija. Afaf (purity).

Alaya is an indirect Quranic name for boys and girls that means “greatness”, “highness”, “sublimity”. Jul 22, 2022 · Muslim Girl Names Girl Names from the Quran - 2174 Names for Muslims.


Nov 11, 2022 · Layla.

If you’re looking for Islamic baby girl names from the Qur'an, Aaliyah is a very popular option. .

A'baloch. Afaf (purity).

It’s indirectly mentioned in the Quran as one of the multiple names derived from the Quranic root “Q-D-R.
The Islamic girl names are taken from the Holy Quran and it all comes from the Arabic language because the Qur'an is in Arabic.

Beautiful Ambitious.

A person who is full of hope.

Nematon Wali ( Blessing ) Azeena. 99 Names of Allah Prophet's Prayers Makkah TV Madina TV Learn Arabic Muslim Baby Names Downloads Quran Auto Reciter (Ms Windows) Free Apps for Mobile Phones. ’.

’. Aafia. Namira means “Tiger, beauty and strength”. The name of Arabic origin means 'happiness, laughter, joy'. 26. .

Most precious girl.

Aafreeda is another popular Muslim name with an Arabic origin. .

Nigh time in Arabic.

A woman who is fully formed.


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One of the most difficult decisions parents’ face is choosing a name for their child.