This is a very popular stone size and.

* Please Note: Natural rock and aggregates vary in size and color, so actual products will often differ slightly from examples featured.

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Washed gravel has the appearance of river rocks, which means it is often more affordable than actual river rock.

We Also Carry River Wash Gravel In 3/4 Inch, Pea Gravel, Bulk Driveway Stone #57 & River Rocks.

It offers a varied color scheme which allows it to complement different areas. Free Delivery. 93 cubic yards.

#3 - Somewhat smaller than #1.

This stone is washed which means it is more rounded in shape. Related products. .

The washing process can soften broken edges as well as clean the stones, giving them a more pebble-like look, such as pea gravel or river rock. $44 a Yard.


To calculate how much gravel you need to cover a rectangular area you need to multiply the volume by the gravel density.

The term washed gravel also often includes crushed stone that has had the dust from the crushing process washed off. We recommend using for all decorative landscaping needs, including dry creek beds, water.

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In general, as the number goes up, the size of the gravel goes down.
Stone averages 1"-3" in size.

river rocks range roughly 1 to 3 inches in size.


Washed crushed stone is commonly used for drainage and landscape purposes. . It offers a varied color scheme which allows it to complement different areas.

4 tons per cubic yard. Often used in landscaping, they offer a more appealing look than crushed gravel. The 34-year-old CEO of P. . Gravel. Free Delivery.

Mostly used under decks as well as for decorative landscaping.

Used in dog kennels and for decorative landscaping. .

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#34 River Rock Natural earth tone colors.



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